The GARDEN is where it all started. Remember, you are living at the tail-end of the Judeo-Christian era. So don’t be so surprised when I equate the hippie search for peace in the 70’s with the God of the Bible.

Peace ended when God left the building. Don McLean’s AMERICAN PIE said it all:  “and the three men I admired most, the Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost / they took the last train to the coast / the day the music died.”

It wasn’t the hippie generation that ended it. It was the generation who had inherited the truths of the Judeo-Christian world view. When they turned their back on the truth, when they stopped going to church except at Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving, when they stopped reading their Bibles and teaching their children the absolute essentials— the next generation couldn’t do anything but sink like a stone.

What are the absolute essentials? The first essential is that God, the Creator of the Universe, offered men everything they ever dreamed of, all they had to do is treat Him like God. But the first man and woman, Adam and Eve, decided to make their own rules. So they disobeyed God. And they brought on themselves and all of their offspring the CURSE which God says comes with disobedience: “you will die.”  This is in Genesis 2 verses 16 and 17.

If there’s anything more obvious than death I don’t know what it is. Bob Dylan sang, “I’ve been ten thousand miles in the miles of a graveyard” — and any of you out there that have lived for any length of time on Planet Earth know that death is the ultimate problem. After all, we are all capable of doing our part to save the planet,  but none of us can stop our own deaths.

But the SECOND absolute essential is that GOD didn’t leave just a curse for disobedience. He left a blessing for obedience. And I will tell you the BOTTOM LINE for how you can get hold of this blessing. It’s a one-sentence cure for what ails you:

But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even  to them that believe on his name.”      (John 1:12)   

So it says here that GOD is willing to make a deal with anybody who’d be willing to do it HIS WAY.

God has a cure for death, but like he told Adam and Eve , “You’ve got to trust me.”  Could you trust God to cure you from the curse of death?



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